Second prize BKRK 2018



YEAR 2018


The disadvantage of cutting a loaf completely is that it dries out faster, that you cannot determine the desired width and that it is loose in the bread bag. If you choose to cut it yourself “on demand”, this often leads to irregular thicknesses and oblique bread cuts.


We solve all these problems with the Broodsnijbakvorm. This shape has built-in ribs that go from the left side through the bottom to the right side. These 4 mm deep “slats” ensure that this rhythm is repeated in the bread itself when baking the bread: left, right and bottom. After baking, you can use this stripe pattern as a guide to work precisely when cutting. This way you can also cut thicker cuts by working in two or three thicknesses. In addition to functionality, this rhythm also gives a nice graphic effect and recognisability to the bread. It is even easy to know how many slices are left because you can count them on the bread.

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