Finally Home



YEAR 2016


Based on an open call to its population, the municipality of Willebroek looked for places that could be enriched with art/installation. One project was assigned for the square in Heindonk, a sub-municipality of Willebroek. It is a social project in which the population is closely involved and must give their approval for all important proposals and steps. When you drive into the center of Heindonk, the old church and chapel stand out in the street scene. Together with the personage, they determine the face of this village center. Their virtual intersection falls on the square, but here they are not received, a plain remains.


With this design I want to create a symbiosis between these sacred buildings and my installation in such a way that they reinforce each other. In this way, my installation is incorporated into the square and becomes part of the existing architecture. What it boils down to is that I designed a transparent building that, with its modest facade (a chapel shape), focuses on the sacred buildings. This answers these questions and creates an interesting tension between abstracted design and historical architecture, old and new materials, ...

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