Starry Night

Renaissance of a bed

Magnitude lets the bed be reborn with ‘Starry Night’. The iconic image of the antique French cast iron bed awakens in haute couture design, with a starring role for the unique craft of the master upholsterers.




YEAR 2022



Roel Vandebeek found the inspiration for Starry Night during a visit to the Magnitude studios. “What struck me most was how great their passion and expertise is in the field of upholstery and stitching. In my design I wanted to translate this craft into an archetypal image of the past: the antique French cast-iron bed. This image is in the collective memory, which immediately evokes a sense of recognition and memory. And if you can actualize such an archetype and let it be reborn with contemporary techniques, you have the best of both worlds: the sense of security of the past intertwined with the luxury and comfort of today.’


By ‘projecting’ the image of the French bed onto a tightly upholstered foot and headboard, ‘then’ and ‘now’ are brought together. With the right choice of fabric and filling, elegant lines are created thanks to the shadow play with the stitching seam. The signature of the Magnitude craft becomes, as it were, a means of communication between bed and person.

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